Leading the Charge from Go To Green

The 2021 Sustainability Report

The report demonstrates our leadership as the only developer in the Philippines with a portfolio that is 100% certified as sustainable.

2021 Highlights

PHP 3 Billion Raised

Arthaland raised PHP 3 billion from its Series D preferred share offering. The preferred shares are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. The company used the proceeds to acquire and develop real estate projects, repay loans, and for general corporate purposes.

ASEAN Energy Awards 2021

Arthaland won the ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Best Practices Awards category at the ASEAN Energy Awards, considered Southeast Asia's highest reward.

Savya WELL Precertification

Savya Financial Center North Tower became the second Arthaland property in 2021 to obtain precertification under the IWBI's prestigious WELL Building Standard.

Sustainability at Arthaland

To ensure a better future for our customers and occupants, we must operate in a responsible manner today.

This serves as an anchor in all our decisions and actions from go to green — from the moment we choose the land we will build on to the time we ensure the health and well-being of the people who benefit from our presence. It also embodies our commitment to sustainability and guides us primarily in these times of uncertainty when the world is still grappling with a global pandemic.

The COVID-19 health crisis highlights the interconnectedness of our environmental, social, and economic systems. It also underscores the power of collective actions: the enormous impact we create when we work together to find solutions.

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Development Portfolio Operating Performance

Amidst the pandemic, we continued to pursue our sustainability targets relentlessly. As the first Philippine and Asian property developer to be a signatory to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment of the World Green Building Council as well as being a member of the Energy Productivity 100 (EP100) of The Climate Group, we are committed to using energy more productively to lower greenhouse gas emissions and to accelerate a clean economy. 

Thus, we continue to track our annual operating performance using global benchmarks. In 2021, our developments exceeded the energy and water savings targets while we continue to aim for a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

Water Savings



Target 20%

Energy Savings



Target 40%

GHG Reduction



Target 100% by 2030

Arthaland’s Green Heroes

This year, we want to take our celebration of Earth Day to the next level by recognizing and showcasing our very own Green Heroes – our employees and shareholders who have exhibited commendable green initiatives such as biking to work, recycling, and organic gardening.

Highlighting their efforts is a great way to celebrate Earth Day and an excellent opportunity to encourage and inspire others to follow suit. By doing so, we can create a positive ripple effect within our organization and beyond.

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