A Revitalized Building's Promise: Inspiring All

#SustainablyARTHALAND #CommunityImpact #ArthalandLegacy

October 31, 2023

e are thrilled to announce that our event last October 26 exceeded all expectations!

As Jaime C. González, Vice Chairman and President of Arthaland, aptly puts it: "At Arthaland, we are dedicated to nurturing a sustainable culture, making it a way of life rather than just a buzzword. We firmly believe in the importance of instilling these values in our youth to empower them to be the future custodians of the environment."

This event centered around the promise of a revitalized building, inspiring all to shape a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet.

We are excited to share the highlights with you! If you missed it click on the link below to watch the event and feel the positive vibes.

To see the transformation of the Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School building in Cebu City, click on the link:

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