How Living in a Close-Knit Community Can Benefit Retirees

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May 19, 2023

Age is arguably just a number. But then, as we get older, it pays to take a closer look at our community. This is because social connections are as important as eating healthy and exercising regularly. Altogether, they improve health and well-being—something that retirees should strive for.

Being in a well-planned, tight-knit community like Sevina Park is one way to approach aging well. The transition may cause confusion at first, but it’s something you can handle with strong social support.

Here are more benefits you’ll enjoy while spending the golden years in a close-knit community:

New Friendships

As people reach retirement age, there’s a strong possibility for them to spend more time alone. However, in Sevina Park, you can change your life story. Perhaps you’re a social butterfly, or you believe that everything is better with a good friend. At this residential project in Laguna, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

Close-knit communities like Una Apartments at Sevina Park are equipped with spaces that encourage social interactions. For instance, it has a sunken garden, swimming pool, function room, and landscaped areas where you’ll likely meet neighbors and chat with them. If you enjoy gardening, head over to Una Apartment’s Potager Garden located at the roof deck. This community garden provides space for residents to access fresh, healthy food and a way to interact with like-minded individuals.

Connections that Make You Active

Your newfound friends at Una Apartments won’t just support you in tough times. Whenever you want to take a breather outdoors or increase your movement, you can ask your friends to join you. This is one way to make exercise routines fun.

Within the tight-knit communities of Una Apartments and Sevina Park, here are some activities you can enjoy with friends or loved ones: 

  • Join walking clubs – this activity sets the perfect pace for conversing with others 
  • Have fun with water aerobics – regular participation can help improve your heart health 
  • Go for a picnic – take your favorite food and sports equipment for added fun 
  • Learn tai chi at your own pace – this “meditation in motion” helps improve muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Improved Thinking Skills 

In a close-knit community, you can work towards improving your cognitive ability. It’s no secret that as we age, the speed at which we can process information gradually declines. But by engaging in conversations with others, we can exercise the mind and enhance cognitive function.

At Una Apartments, you’re provided with many ways to connect and converse with people. The condo’s 60% open space and sufficient walkways are safe for socializing or catching up with neighbors. Further, these features encourage light exercise and mental stimulation, all while reducing feelings of isolation.

You can also level up how you care for your health at Una Apartments, thanks to its proximity to Sevina Park Health and Wellness Clinic, powered by The Medical City. Located in the 8.1-hectare master planned community of Sevina Park, the healthcare facility provides services concerning health promotion and maintenance, disease prevention, diagnosis, and acute and chronic illnesses.

Enhanced Sense of Belongingness

Feel the welcoming ambiance the instant you walk through Una Apartments’ model unit (Actual Photo).

Well-planned communities like Una Apartments by Arthaland offer many ways for retirees to cultivate a sense of belongingness. This is crucial as close relationships can be a buffer against stress and illness. 

At Una Apartments, you will be encouraged to leave your comfort zone by saying hi to a new person from your balcony or inviting friends over for get-togethers. Units at Una Apartments are available in studio and one-bedroom layouts, designed to provide a healthy and comfortable living space. 

All units have a functional balcony and operable windows for improved natural light and ventilation. Other noteworthy features in the condo community include carbon monoxide monitors and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs).

Impress friends or relatives coming to your home with its welcoming ambiance and cozy interiors. Each unit at Una Apartments is equipped with items from the globally recognized Swedish furnishing brand, IKEA.

Outside your unit, you can further enjoy the freedom that comes with retirement. Consider starting that hobby you’ve been putting off or joining clubs where you can talk about your interests. 

At Una Apartments, retirees can stay golden throughout their golden years. It’s a place to maintain social connections and retire happy. 

Consider this condo project when looking for a home to age gracefully.

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