Arthaland Brings The Sophistication Of Dior To Eluria

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November 17, 2023

A thoughtful blend of rarity, elegance, and sustainability, Eluria is set to redefine elegant living for tastemakers

Arthaland effortlessly draws a crowd without the need for extravagant efforts. This sustainable real estate developer has naturally captivated the interest of today’s tastemakers. Case in point, on October 13, when Arthaland extended an invitation to another installation of its Eluria Signature Experiences series, a select group of clientele turned up to experience the lifestyle. What awaited them was a delightful immersion into beauty and wellness with Dior Beauty, which included a floral dome arrangement workshop, personalized one-on-one skin consultation, and product testing of the new Dior Prestige Le Nectar Premier.

Guests were introduced to the Eluria lifestyle, a unique fusion of elegance, craftsmanship, and rarity

Eluria is Arthaland’s latest residential project, a collaboration with ARCH Capital, and is poised to become one of the most exclusive addresses in Legazpi Village, Makati. Within its 37 limited-edition units, homeowners will discover a distinctive blend of elegance, craftsmanship, and rarity, providing a lifestyle that has never been seen before, like owning Dior Beauty skincare that inspires prestige.

Coveted Commodity

The spacious show suite on the sixth floor of the Arthaland Century Pacific Tower in Bonifacio Global City faithfully recreated Eluria’s kitchen, living, and bedroom spaces. For this occasion, they wanted to focus on the core essences of what the luxury development represents.

“Number one is rarity, and in the case of Eluria, we’re talking about 37 units,” said Pamela Go, project marketing unit head of Arthaland. “As for Dior Beauty, the brand is widely recognized for its association with luxury, elegance, and rarity, just like the product they are exclusively sharing with us today. This is also their first appearance with a real estate brand, [which adds to the sense of] rarity.”

Dior Beauty is recognized for its association with luxury, elegance, and rarity, much like Le Nectar Premier
During the event, guests enjoyed pass-around pastries and sweets

In addition to Eluria’s limited number of units which enhances its exclusivity, they further exemplify rarity by offering a personalized white-glove butler service. Their dedicated Hospitality Directors are committed to delivering the highest standards of comfort and convenience to their residents. The Hospitality Directors will undergo an intensive 10-week training program at The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands, highlighting Eluria’s commitment to providing top-notch service.

Green Living

After each guest received their skin consultation, they made their way to the long table adorned with an assortment of flowers. A florist led the floral dome arrangement workshop centered around roses, which served as an homage to the maison’s signature rose.

“We drew inspiration from Dior Beauty’s dedication to sustainability, a quality that resonates with the real estate landscape,” Go explained. “Dior Beauty’s use of sustainably sourced ingredients like the Rose de Granville, which exclusively grows in the Dior Garden, and the Le Nectar’s refillable container were key points we wanted to highlight. These movements for us are very important.”

Located at the roof deck, Eluria’s Potager Garden enables residents to acquire vegetables at prices below the market rate, all from the convenience of their homes
The show suite was punctuated with pink roses, which served as an homage to the maison’s signature rose

Inside the show suite, several notable sustainable features were showcased. This included windows equipped with double-glazed Low-E glass to maximize natural light while minimizing heat transfer, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and an energy-conserving Variable Refrigerant Flow system for air conditioning and lighting. Mara Fortuna, associate manager of Arthaland, also emphasized the presence of Eluria’s Potager Garden, a concept seen in other Arthaland projects.

‘Potager,’ derived from the French phrase meaning ‘for the soup pot,’ harks back to the tradition of gathering herbs and vegetables for soups. Arthaland’s seamless integration of this feature enables residents to effortlessly acquire herbs and vegetables at prices below the market rate, all from the convenience of their homes. Moreover, the proceeds generated contribute to the sustainability of the garden.

Dynamically Evolving

Eluria boasts a unique architectural design, with only two elongated residences per floor, allowing natural daylight to flood in from three sides. This linear layout, combined with lanai-like gardens and balconies, sets the stage for an atmosphere of tranquility. The exterior of the building features movable louvers, which lend a graceful and organic quality to the facade. As Go aptly put it, the ever-changing configurations of these louvers ensure that no two units are alike, resulting in an elegant and dynamically evolving aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates what the Eluria lifestyle is about.

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