Cutting edge green building opens in South Taguig

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Savya Financial Center

August 12, 2022

Arthaland recently opened its next generation sustainable office building, Savya Financial Center, in Arca South, Taguig City.

Built in partnership with Japan’s Mitsubishi Estate Company, Ltd., the development is Arthaland’s first premium green office development in the city. Located at the corner of Pulse Street, Anchor Street and Tandem Road, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and sustainable solutions that help create a safe and more productive working environment for its locators.

Helping companies find their ‘perfect space’

According to global real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), well-designed green buildings appreciate more in value and command higher rental rates. One example is TelTrends – a wholly Filipino-owned, ISO-certified, leading IT hardware supplier and systems Integrator of the country’s largest telcos and utility companies. TelTrends has made Savya Financial Center its new home, and the move is helping the company beef up its cutting-edge products and world-class service on a turnkey basis. “Companies, big and small, can find their perfect space in Savya Financial Center as it offers a lot of flexibility through adaptive office unit cut ups and attractive financing options,” said Anna Marco, Arthaland’s Commercial Project Channel Director. “And with the health and wellness of employees becoming the top priority among employers, they will discover that every detail is designed with the well-being and productivity of businesses and individuals at its heart.” Savya Financial Center has operable windows and uses a MERV 13 air filtration system, which is the same type of system being used in hospital operating rooms.

It is considered a smart building courtesy of its Building Management System (BMS) that controls and monitors various technical systems and services such as air conditioning, lighting and ventilation to ensure safety, comfort and efficiency.

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