5 Long-Term Benefits of Investing in a Sustainable Home

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August 7, 2023

A wise buyer would go for quality over quantity when it comes to big purchases. The same is true when buying a house or a condo for sale. When purchasing quality homes, people are showing more concern towards Mother Earth and are geared toward buying sustainable homes to lessen their carbon footprint.

If you plan to buy a sustainable first home, consider investing in a unit for sale at Arthaland’s Una Apartments at Sevina Park in Biñan, Laguna.

Una Apartments: Offering Sustainable and Future-Proof Homes

Una Apartments is the first multi-certified mid-market residential development in the Philippines. What makes this development sustainable is its design. Una Apartments offers furnished studio-type and one-bedroom units with a balcony. These units are designed to lower utility bills by 20%and improve indoor air quality for residents’ physical and mental health.

Aside from having eco-friendly units, Una Apartments is also a sustainable community. 60%of Sevina Park is dedicated to open spaces that are pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, with sufficient walkways and PWD accessibility in common areas.

Una Apartments is vying for four sustainability certifications: LEED® by the US Green Building Council, EDGE®, WELL™, and BERDE.

Units at Una Apartments are designed to be beautiful, comfortable, and conducive to healthy living for the family.
Units at Una Apartments are designed to be beautiful, comfortable, and conducive to healthy living for the family.

The Long-Term Benefits of Sustainable Homes

Live healthily and comfortably

A sustainable home allows natural sunlight and fresh air to enter and circulate your home. This is ideal, especially during the summer months in the Philippines, as you can expect to maintain a stable temperature in your home.

Having fresh air circulating the home reduces your energy bills and is also good for your health. Living in a sustainable home with enhanced ventilation and insulation reduces your need for heating and cooling. This also lowers your risk for respiratory disorders like asthma, making it an ideal home for senior citizens and families with children.

Live and thrive in a more durable home

Sustainable homes like Una Apartments are eco-friendly and built with quality materials, making them durable and future-proof. This means you can live in your home for years and pass it on to different generations in your family as long as you take good care of it.

When you live in a sustainable house, you can expect that your home is built using the highest quality materials. You don’t have to worry about costly maintenance and repairs.

Own a property with an increasing value

A sustainable home is a long-term investment. It will help you save money on utilities and maintenance. It also has a higher market value than traditional homes, making it an ideal investment.

With plenty of homebuyers preferring to purchase eco-friendly homes, you can be sure that your property will be in demand. This is advantageous, especially if you plan on renting it out to earn passive income or reselling it in the future.

Help contribute to a cleaner Earth

When you buy a sustainable home, you’ll be happy knowing that you are contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change. An ordinary home designed without energy efficiency in mind uses many natural resources and fossil fuels. On the other hand, living in a sustainable house lessens your consumption of these resources, reducing your carbon footprint.

Feel at one with nature

Living in a sustainable home allows you to invite the outdoors into your living space through the expansive windows and balcony. As a result, even if you are staying indoors, you can appreciate the beauty of nature and take advantage of natural light. This is ideal, especially if your condo is in the suburbs, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the sunset and lush greeneries.

Lush greeneries will greet you on your balcony at Una Apartments. (Photo of the actual one-bedroom unit)
Lush greeneries will greet you on your balcony at Una Apartments. (Photo of the actual one-bedroom unit)

Every homeowner knows the value of taking care of one’s home. When you invest in a sustainable condo for sale in the Philippines, you also do your part in caring for everyone’s precious home, the Earth. The long-term benefits of living in a green home will help you see that every centavo you spend goes a long way and is worthwhile. Make the right choice. Invest in a sustainable home now.

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