Arthaland and Global Star Motors Corporation (GSMC) Drive Sustainability Forward at Cebu Exchange

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Cebu Exchange

April 22, 2024

ebu City, Philippines - Arthaland Corporation, developer of Cebu Exchange; and Global Star Motors Corporation (GSMC), national dealer of Mercedes-Benz in the Philippines, united in a groundbreaking collaboration, emphasizing their joint commitment to sustainability.

The partnership between Arthaland and GSMC signifies a fusion of innovation and luxury, with Cebu Exchange's forward-thinking design complementing Mercedes-Benz's reputation for excellence. By leveraging the distinct attributes of both brands, this collaboration aims to redefine sustainability in the real estate sector.

Cebu Exchange, a PEZA-accredited I.T. Center, is on track to be the country’s largest Net Zero Carbon certified building. This premier office complex, strategically nestled in the heart of Cebu City’s bustling business district, boasts a competitive CUSA Fee, LEED Gold certification, and a BERDE 5-Star rating. It offers cutting-edge facilities like efficient elevators, backup generators, and fiber-optic telecommunications, ensuring a seamless and efficient workspace. Its prime location provides access to a vibrant business community, networking opportunities, and a pool of talented professionals.

"At Mercedes-Benz, we value partnerships that reflect our commitment to luxury and innovation," shared by Mercedes-Benz Cebu’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Jan Michael Villamor. "Cebu Exchange's dedication to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our brand values, making it the perfect venue for our events."

The recent Chinese New Year event at Cebu Exchange showcased the success of this partnership, featuring Mercedes-Benz e-vehicle test drives and charger demo displays. Attendees praised the seamless integration of sustainability and luxury, highlighting the shared vision of Arthaland and GSMC.

Arthaland's Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Oliver Chan, emphasized the significance of collaborating with like-minded organizations such as GSMC: "Our partnership underscores our shared commitment to sustainability and responsible development. By aligning with partners who prioritize environmental responsibility, we amplify our efforts to create lasting value."

GSMC expressed appreciation for Cebu Exchange's unique thrust towards sustainability and wellness. "Cebu Exchange's dedication to sustainable practices resonates with our forward-thinking approach," shared by Mercedes-Benz Cebu’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Jan Michael Villamor. "The emphasis on wellness complements our commitment to providing luxury experiences." 

As Arthaland and GSMC lead the charge for sustainability at Cebu Exchange, their collaboration is reshaping industry standards and fostering a greener future.

ARTHALAND is the only real estate developer in the Philippines with a residential and commercial portfolio 100% certified as sustainable by local and global organizations. It has made its mark in the Philippine real estate industry by pioneering the development and management of exceptional best-in-class properties that adhere to international and local standards. To experience the state-of-the-art facilities and all that Cebu Exchange offers, visit our development at Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu. To learn more about the project, visit

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