Motion is Medicine: How Walkable Communities Benefit Your Health

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Una Apartments

June 21, 2023

Being in motion is a fundamental aspect of life. But it doesn’t have to require too much effort. So when you hear the advice “get your exercise daily,” time to understand that incorporating small movements into your routine is enough.

Walking, for instance, can be a powerful way to improve parts and processes of your body. Looking at walkable communities, residents are provided with spaces that encourage daily movement. This, in turn, improves blood circulation and boosts their energy levels.

Sevina Park in Biñan, Laguna, is a well-known walkable and sustainable community. It hosts Una Apartments, where residents can own units that open to inviting green spaces and recreational facilities. 

Here’s how neighborhoods like this can help you reach your #healthgoals:

Starting Small, Building Momentum

From your balcony at Una Apartments, enjoy the calming breeze and landscape views (Actual Photo).

As with anything in life, getting started is the first step. And to avoid overwhelming yourself, the best strategy is to start small. Applying this logic to movement can mean walking around your home, strolling through the neighborhood, or practicing gentle stretches.

Even standing on your balcony and tending to your indoor plants can add movement to your day. At Una Apartments, all units have a balcony, providing easy access to fresh air, sunlight, and good views. Besides moving around, breathing in the cool breeze and being sunkissed can improve your well-being.

Staying Active Amid a Hectic Schedule

With a busy schedule, it’s possible to go through an entire day without walking a hundred steps. This is when living in a walkable community could be beneficial. At Una Apartments, residents can reduce their vehicle dependency and walk from Point A to Point B.

While living in this condo, consider exploring the Arcades, where you can dine and shop for essentials. Since the condo project is within the master-planned Sevina Park, you can also quickly access the community’s healthcare facility, the Sevina Park Health and Wellness Clinic powered by The Medical City.

Designed by Leandro V. Locsin Partners, Una Apartments features 60% pedestrian and bicycle-friendly open space that facilitates and supports active lifestyles.

Getting Healthy with Loved Ones

Communities like Una Apartments are also ideal for families working toward the same health goals. The condo project has a swimming pool, fitness center, play area, and function room where you can keep moving together as a family.

Even retirees and persons with disabilities can safely participate in activities, thanks to the sufficient walkways and PWD accessibility features in common areas of Una Apartments.

Residents can also access the Potager Garden, where vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs are grown together. Having organic produce within easy reach can inspire you to whip up nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones.

Improving Your Social Health

Units at Una Apartments have a welcoming ambiance—perfect for entertaining guests (Actual Photo).

Open spaces within walkable communities indeed encourage movement, but they also allow residents to meet and gather. This benefits everyone, regardless of age, as social interactions help reinforce a sense of community.

Common areas in Una Apartments and Sevina Park shape community ties, creating an environment for exchanging ideas and nurturing relationships. Getting active together with your newfound friends is one way to improve health holistically.

At Una Apartments, you can find opportunities to connect while spending time in the amenity area. You can also pick up a new hobby with loved ones or invite friends to your unit and catch up. Units at Una Apartments are available in studio and one-bedroom layouts, with select IKEA furnishings. Each unit is also designed to provide improved indoor air quality and natural light.

Arthaland, the developer behind this condo project, advances healthy living by equipping the community with air-tight units, carbon monoxide monitors, and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs).

The developer also believes that healthy homes should be more accessible to aspiring homeowners. This is why Arthaland offers light payment terms for UNA Apartments through the BALAI Berde Program. Interested buyers may take out a loan of up to 90% of the appraised unit value not exceeding Php 6 million. Loan terms can be stretched up to 30 years with fixed interest rates as low as 4%.

Una Apartments in Sevina Park exemplifies the qualities of a healthy home. At the same time, it shows how living in a walkable community can help your physical health, longevity, and mental well-being.

Make everyday movement fun at Una Apartments by Arthaland.

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