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Una Apartments

August 7, 2023

Early retirement is the dream of many and there are plenty of reasons why someone would want to retire early. For some, this gives them the freedom to travel, spend time with family, and pursue hobbies. Others see their freedom from work as a means to find other ways of growing money without exerting too much energy and time.

Preparing for early retirement includes more than planning how to fund your lifestyle and what you should do now that you have plenty of time. To ensure that this incoming new chapter in your life is a success, you should carefully consider where to settle down.

Luckily, you don’t need to go to great lengths to find the perfect place for your early retirement. Arthaland’s newest condo project, Una Apartments in Biñan, Laguna, will bring you closer to the life you dream!

Here are the many ways Arthaland’s Una Apartments at Sevina Park can be the perfect home for early retirees:

Here, You Can Prioritize Your Health

You can rest easy at Una Apartments, a condo designed with your health in mind (Actual Photo of the Model Unit).
You can rest easy at Una Apartments, a condo designed with your health in mind (Actual Photo of the Model Unit).

Arthaland, the Philippines’ foremost green developer, partnered with the largest healthcare network in the country, The Medical City. Sevina Park, where you’ll find Una Apartments, is one of the first communities to have its own community clinic, the Sevina Park Health and Wellness Clinic powered by The Medical City.

Your mind will also be at peace when you live in Una Apartments by Arthaland because of its closeness to nature. At the same time, it is one hour away from Metro Manila and the other products and services it offers – sans the hustle and bustle of urban life.

It’s a Master-planned and Accessible Community

Sevina Park, where you will find Una Apartments, offers more than just a health and wellness clinic and a nature-filled environment. The community’s location ensures that all residents’ needs are within reach.

Landmarks and establishments near Una Apartments include malls, parks, offices, business establishments, schools, golf clubs, tourist attractions, and main thoroughfares.

You Live in a Well-designed and Sustainable Apartment

At Una Apartments, you can reduce energy use without compromising your home’s comfort levels (Actual Photo of the Model Unit).
At Una Apartments, you can reduce energy use without compromising your home’s comfort levels (Actual Photo of the Model Unit).

Not only is Una Apartments’ community one step above the rest, but so are its units designed to keep energy costs at a minimum. When you live here during your early retirement days, expect your utility bills to be lowered by 20% because the unit’s lighting system and plumbing fixtures are energy-efficient.

Arthaland took a step above by offering units at Una Apartments with select IKEA furnishings for better comfort and style. The one-bedroom and studio-type units have an ample ceiling height of 2.6 meters, and can be modified to suit your needs in a home.

It is Safe, Convenient, and Secure

Take it one step above when you live in Una Apartments, with its green and healthy amenities and services managed by Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions. Some community features you will enjoy while living in Una Apartments include:

  • Potager Garden – a place where residents of Una Apartments can have access to healthy and organic produce.
  • Navis – an app that allows contactless visitor registration and management in Sevina Park powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Arcades – a place for residents to shop, dine, and explore without the need to leave their community.

Other amenities in Una Apartments include a swimming pool, a fitness center, a play area, and a function room. You will also foster friendships with your neighbors with planned seasonal activities open to residents at Sevina Park.

You Will Enjoy the Great Outdoors

At Arthaland’s Una Apartments, you will enjoy a community that dedicated 60% of the development to pedestrian and bicycle-friendly open spaces safe for the whole family.

The community has PWD accessibility in common areas and sufficient walkways, which are perfect if you want to exercise on a morning or evening walk. Una Apartments is also a walkable community. Different shops and amenities are within walking distance from your unit.

It’s a Worthwhile Investment and a Reliable Source of Passive Income

As a master-planned community with plenty to offer, expect the units at Una Apartments to be in demand, increasing the price value of the property. As a worthwhile investment, you can be sure that the value of your real estate property will increase significantly.

Another good thing about investing in Una Apartments is that it can also be a source of steady passive income. Early retirees can choose to invest in an extra unit and lease it out to renters who want to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle near essential establishments and the metro.

Make sure that the new chapter of your life is one step above, not only by planning what to do but knowing where to settle down to make the most out of life. Live in Una Apartments and enjoy the precious moments that come your way.

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