WELL Health-Safety Rating makes the Cebu Exchange one of the best places to work in

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Cebu Exchange

May 6, 2022

Arthaland’s Cebu Exchange has achieved the prestigious WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The WELL Health-Safety Rating assures owners and operators across large and small businesses alike that necessary steps were established in order to prioritize the health and safety of staff, visitors and other stakeholders entering the building premises. The WELL Health-Safety Rating serves as a gold standard that guides users in preparing their spaces for re-entry in a post-COVID-19 environment, instilling confidence in occupants and the broader community.

“Arthaland is more than just about high quality sustainable design and energy efficiency but we also put a premium on the health, safety and well-being of everyone who enters any of our developments,” Jaime González, vice chairman and president of Arthaland said. “We invite companies to consider moving to a green office building like Cebu Exchange as part of their return-to-office plans because it is designed for a comfortable, seamless, and one-of-a-kind workplace experience that improves operational efficiency and occupant well-being.”

Many studies have shown that green buildings, which boasts improved indoor environmental quality, have many positive effects relating to employee health, well-being and productivity. And Cebu Exchange takes it a step further by subscribing to the strategies contained within the WELL Health-Safety Rating. As part of its Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures , Cebu Exchange helps address the spread of COVID-19 and many other infectious diseases through enhanced cleaning practices, promotion of handwashing and use of latest technologies to reduce surface contact. It has put in place Emergency Preparedness Programs to support business continuity, remote work readiness, healthy re-entry after extended work-from-home periods, and emergency resilience. In terms of Health Service Resources, Cebu Exchange takes good care of its employees enabling them to perform better for the benefit of building occupants and guests. They have access to health services through a health maintenance organization (HMO), enjoy more than the government-mandated number of sick leaves, and are given free annual flu vaccines and these extend to their dependents. Cebu Exchange also supports mental health recovery and fosters a smoke-free environment. Its Air & Water Quality Management is top-notch as it is equipped with a highly-efficient air filtration system that effectively keeps the air coming in clean, and free from infectious pathogens. The water supplied in the building is filtered and treated to meet the thresholds for contaminants through its own grey water recycling system. Cebu Exchange also believes that Stakeholder Engagement and Communication is critical to instilling confidence, improving coordination and supporting actions that can help keep people safe during and after emergencies.

“We are committed to maintain the WELL Health-Safety Rating each year to ensure the Cebu Exchange continues to be the perfect environment for businesses and employees to grow,” said Mr. González.

Cebu Exchange was awarded Best Office High Rise Development in the 2019 Japan International Property Awards, Best Commercial Landscape Architectural Design at the 2019 PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards, and as the Best Office Development in the Philippines 2018 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards. For more information about Cebu Exchange, e-mail ask@arthaland.com, or visit www.arthaland.com.

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