The Ties that Bind a Modern Close-knit Community

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Una Apartments

June 21, 2023

Have you always dreamed of living in a community where everyone knows each other and looks after one another? You can make that dream a reality.

Living in a tight-knit community means living one step above expectations. It is no wonder that plenty of home buyers prefer homes in close-knit communities. When you live in one, you can be safe and at ease knowing you have supportive neighbors.

A close-knit community is not built overnight. Its design, amenities, and features can help residents foster a sense of community and camaraderie. Developers who want to build tight-knit communities ensure their projects allow residents to spend time together for wholesome and healthy activities in numerous facilities and amenities.

Fulfill your dream of moving to a close-knit community. Become one of the unit owners at Arthaland’s Una Apartments located at Sevina Park in Biñan, Laguna. Here’s why Una Apartments is considered a modern close-knit community:

It’s in a Mixed-use Development

Greet your neighbors from your cozy living space at Una Apartments (Actual Photo of the Model Unit).

Una Apartments is located in Sevina Park, a mixed-use community home to residential and commercial projects. If you are a social butterfly, living in Una Apartments will delight you because you are sure to meet plenty of people, including residents of Sevina Park Villas, another green residential community in Sevina Park.

When you live in Una Apartments, you can also meet with friends when you go shopping at the Arcades, a retail and lifestyle center at Sevina Park. If you love the great outdoors, invite your neighbors to the 60% open space in Sevina Park for a quick run with your kids or pets. Indeed, not only can you find friends at Una Apartments, but there are numerous things you can do together to strengthen the bond.

There are Plenty of Resident-centered Amenities

Arthaland demonstrates its excellence in careful planning by offering plenty of resident-centered amenities. These include the Potager Garden at Una Apartments, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a play area, and a function room.

Be one step above in achieving your #dreamhome goals when you live in Una Apartments. Here, you can enjoy your community’s very own Sevina Park Health and Wellness Clinic powered by The Medical City. When you live in this community, you don’t need to go far to access quality medical services.

It’s an Inclusive Community

Sevina Park is an inclusive community. The developments within it are accessible for wheelchair users, PWDs, and retirees, ensuring their safety and comfort. No one will feel left out living in Una Apartments and other Arthaland projects.

Seasonal Activities are Planned

There are planned exciting seasonal activities open to all residents at Sevina Park. These social activities ensure residents can do fun and interactive activities together inside the community.

Sevina Park is spacious, so expect plenty of activities you can do and enjoy with your neighbors and friends when you live at Una Apartments. This may include having a picnic, playing outdoor games, or simply enjoying the view of the greeneries in the community.

Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions (APPS) will Ensure Your Comfort

Owning a property in Arthaland project is convenient and hassle-free (Actual Photo of the Showroom).

Arthaland is hands-on in managing their developments to ensure that residents will have a pleasant experience while living in one of their projects. When you become a resident of Una Apartments, you can rely on Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions (APPS) to make your property management easy and focus on other things you love doing.

APPS exists to give you solutions to preserve the quality and value of your property while promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. Their services are especially helpful if you own a property in Una Apartments that you are leasing to earn passive income. With APPS services, you can provide the best for your tenants and build lasting landlord-tenant relationships.

You can ask for nothing more when you live in Una Apartments. Here, you can be sure to live in a safe, sustainable, close-knit community. Should you need assistance with your property, you can rely on Arthaland to provide practical solutions to resolve your concerns. With plenty of things to do and see in your community, forming and maintaining friendships will be more convenient.

If you are looking for a new home in Laguna, consider Una Apartments, a modern, tight-knit community.

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