Arthaland turns over First EDGE Advanced School in the Philippines

November 6, 2023

In a momentous ceremony, renowned real estate developer ARTHALAND marked a pivotal milestone in the field of sustainable development on October 26, 2023. The occasion celebrated the turnover of an enhanced building at Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School (DVRMES), solidifying ARTHALAND’s commitment to fostering environmental consciousness in the Philippines.

In the aftermath of Typhoon Odette’s devastation in 2021, ARTHALAND recognized that DVRMES required not just structural repairs, but also a nurturing environment that could instill fundamental values of environmental care and responsibility among its students.

This initiative was driven by an innovative program by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank, known as Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE). EDGE empowers emerging markets to swiftly and economically construct resource-efficient buildings, emphasizing reductions in energy consumption, water utilization, and embodied carbon design.

For ARTHALAND, the decision to pursue an EDGE certification for this project was a strategic move to align with global sustainability standards. Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions, ARTHALAND’s wholly-owned property management firm, took the lead in guiding DVRMES toward achieving the prestigious EDGE green building certification. The project garnered unwavering support both from the IFC and the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI).

Vice Chairman and President of ARTHALAND Corporation Jaime C. González affirmed, “This project goes beyond the restoration of the school building but rather it is a heartfelt investment in the community and in the future of the children… At Arthaland, we are dedicated to nurturing a sustainable culture, making it a way of life rather than just a buzzword. We firmly believe in the importance of instilling these values in our youth to empower them to be the future custodians of the environment. “

The newly renovated building now showcases a host of sustainable enhancements, including state-of-the-art ceiling fans by Datem Inc. for improved ventilation, energy-efficient LED lighting upgrades provided by Econlite Philippines, water-saving fixtures from Lixil Philippines, and a fresh coat of paint from Weltanchaung Corp.

Principal Dr. Florephine S. Navarro emphasized, “Our newly renovated building is not just a testament to the dedication of ARTHALAND to excellence in design and construction, but it is also a symbol of its pledge to environmental responsibility."

This transformation has ushered in a more conducive learning environment for both students and teachers, with ARTHALAND aspiring to inspire individuals and organizations to engage in similar sustainability initiatives.

Notable dignitaries in attendance included ARTHALAND’s Vice Chairman and President Jaime C. González; Cebu City Mayor Michael L. Rama; Cebu City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Nimfa D. Bongo, and ARTHALAND Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Oliver L. Chan.

Weltanchaung Corp. President Ma. Imelda Pagdanganan and VP for Operations Angie Anila, Datem Inc. Business Development Division Head Laurence Espiritu, Lixil Philippines Regional Project Sales Leader Edward Cheung, and Ecolight General Manager Jeff Chua, and several other representatives also graced the turnover ceremony.

This collaboration between the public and private sectors will not only advance environmental sustainability but will also set a compelling precedent for future projects in the Philippines.

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